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november, 2019

14nov7:00 pmSuper Smash BrosJoin the Salty Suite in some healthy Smash Bros competition!


Event Details


Event Rules and Regulations:
Sundays (4th Sunday of the month): Doors and registration open at NOON, doubles registration ends at 2 pm and singles registration ends at 4PM EST. 
Thursdays (2nd Thursday of the month): Doors open at 6PM EST and tournament starts at 7PM EST.  


General Rules

Stock Count set to 3, time limit set to 7:00 Smash Meter set to OFF, Spirits set to OFF, Stage Morph set to OFF Items all disabled and spawning set to NONE Handicap OFF, Pause OFF, Underdog Boost OFF Mii Fighters legal, all movesets available Hazards Switch dependent on stage Everything else kept as DEFAULT


Stage Striking

Stage striking at the beginning of the set starts with a Rock Paper Scissors match to decide which player strikes first. Winner bans one stage, the second player bans two stages, and the first player will pick the starter stage between the last two remaining stages. The winner of the previous match bans two stages in the counter-picking process for games moving forward in the set.


Stage List

Starters: Battlefield Final Destination Pokémon Stadium 2 (Hazards Off) Smashville Lylat Cruise



Yoshi’s Story (Hazards Off) Kalos Pokémon League (Hazards Off) Town & City Yoshi’s Island: Brawl (Hazards Off)

(Note that Battlefield and Final Destination versions of banned stages are grouped with the starter stages, and are banned when their respective stages are banned in stage striking.)


Venue Rules and Regulations:

  • Respect all players and administration. We want to ensure a smooth and positive experience for new and experienced players alike, so be mindful of your actions and words!
  • Please refrain from having any food or beverages on the tables or near the equipment. The costs to replace these setups is very expensive and we want to ensure that we keep our equipment in pristine condition for many events to come!
  • Notify an employee of any accidents or spills that may occur. This includes any incidents near the equipment.
    Any drugs, alcohol, or weapons of any kind will result in immediate legal action and can result in arrests, as well as being banned from the venue permanently.
  • Any disputes or questions regarding rules and match procedures should be consulted to the T.O. to ensure that the proper method is executed.
    Matches are actively called and followed through Challonge. When a match is called, both players are responsible for ensuring that the match is played out and recorded. A player also has 15 minutes to be present for a match before being subjected to disqualification for the round.
    Coaching during sets is prohibited. Players caught coaching in an active set can be subjected to disqualification.



(Thursday) 7:00 pm EST

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